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Residential Air Duct Cleaning Service.

Years of experience with residential air duct cleaning.

One of the most important aspects of cleaning your home is the air duct cleaning service. Of course when it comes together with carpet cleaning the results are much more likely to take great effect. 

However, residenital air duct cleaning is a major factor in keeping your home cleaner. 

Imagine the air blowing throughout your home is inected with piles of old dirt, dust and bacteria being stuck to the system for many years. As soon as you turn on the HVAC unit, you experience immediate caugh and allergies. Also, in many cases you will be able to notice bad odor as well. 

Therefore, cleaning the main return (the intake) in your home, changing a filter periodically, and cleaning the air duct vents will help prevent these issues.

What type of residential air duct cleaning solution do we offer?

First, we must consider two main issues with cleaning the air ducts. We could face stubborn dirt that has stuck tp the vents for many years. Also, we have to consider how should all this dirt (and newly removed dirt) be extracted from your system?

Well, for that we have the perfect combo, the Rotary Infused Brush and the Negative Air System. 

The rotary Infused Brush.

The Rotary Infused Brush is a great solution for residential air duct cleaning. it penetrates deep into your air duct system, escorted by a strong vacuum hose that helps it remove the dirt the is stuck. In addition, the vacuum creates pressure inside the vents and helps the brush push the dirt around.

Negative Air System.

The Negative Air System completely latches on to your air ducts and creat a strong swirl of air inside. Then, the machine will suck in and remove all the loose particles that have just been agitated off the sides of the air ducts.

For more information about our residential air duct cleaning service, please contact Dr. Duct Cleaning.

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