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HVAC Unit Cleaning

The importance of your
HVAC unit cleaning.

Your HVAC unit is the main part of the

central air system that dwells outside 24/7.

Therefore, you may notice that you HVAC

unit picks up dust and dirt on a fast pace.

If you take a closer look at the blades when

they are not spinning, you will see a layer of

dust that settled for a while. This pile of dust

on your blades and the circuit of the HVAC

unit could interrupt the smooth flow of your HVAC unit.

Therefore, periodical HVAC unit cleaning is a necessary

service to keep the efficiency of your HVAC unit

at its best.

HVAC unit Cleaning provides better air flow.

With cleaner blades and pathways on your HVAC unit, you should immediately notice the major improvement in air flow into the syste. This will also help your energy savings. 

However, when it is time to clean a large space in your home, for example, the main living room/dinning room area, a good flow of air is vital. 

In hot day, generating enough BTU to push the cool load into your home will demand more from your HVAC unit. So, making sure you keep up with your periodical HVAC unit cleaning is important for the overall effiency of cooling off your home/office.

For more details about our HVAC unit cleaning, please contact Dr. Duct Cleaning

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