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Air Duct Replacement.


It might be time for air duct

How should you know if its time for air duct

replacement?  most of you will not be able

to teel or notice without professional help.

Some angles and areas of the air duct system

is not visible to most of us. Therefore, a thorough

inspection should be performed on the ducts

in order to find any leakage.

However, not every leakage of course demands air

duct replacement.

Only in some sever cases where there is not repair to be

done on your air ducts, it would be time for air duct replacement.

Lack of air pressure ?

Lack of air pressure is an easy way to know that something must be wrong with air flow in the ducts. It could definitely be that your HVAC unit is not operating properly. Also, it could be that a simple HVAC unit cleaning would be enough.

Also, it could be due to a heavy load on the intake. In some cases we have seen very negelected intakes with a very old filter that is completely clogged. That could also limit the amount of air running around your house.

However, in some cases a leakage from the air duct system could be sever enough to the point it needs to be renewd. 

It could be eaten by pesticides, or it also could be extreme weather and old ducts. Nevertheless, if an air duct replacement is due, please contact Dr. Duct Cleaning for business hours and availablility.

air duct replacement
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