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Air Duct Insulation Service.

The Importance of our air duct
insulation service.

Your air duct system is normally hidden from

the eye. Therefore, many of you neglect to pay

attention to the details. What kind od details are

you missing out on? Well, hugeenergy savings,

and more than that, a much more regulated

environment at home. So a proper insulation

service should be taking place.

Your air duct insulation is what burries your ducts in a layer that protects it from extreme tempratures. For example, southern California in the symmer could suffer from many days of extremely hot tempratures. Therefore, if your ducts are not properly insulated, you could notice that its much more difficult to regulate the temprature at home. 

Saving money with air duct insulation service.

The energy spent on cooling down a room could be measured by BTU/hour. That means, how many tons of cooling load is needed to reach the desired room temprature. In addition, it was shown that a proper insulation in comparison to an older one could reduce BTU usage by over 30%. Moreover, in an extreme day the percentage could spike even higher. Therefore, when you test you A/C next time, see how long it takes it to cool off the room and if desired temprature is reached.

If not, please contact Dr. Duct Cleaning for scheduling your free insulation service consultation.

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