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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning.

We have the experience you need for
commercial air duct cleaning.

Commercial air duct cleaning has its own rules. When

we provide our residential air duct cleaning we have to

deal with much small scale system rather than the

commercial air duct cleaning. Therefore, the equipment

for commercial air duct cleaning must be proper and


anwers to the specific job requirements. Our approach

for commercial air duct cleaning in a restaurant and an

office building will probably be slightly different. 

Therefore, in order to know the method for cleaning your ommercial air duct system, we must examine it first.

Commercial air duct cleaning & commercial carpet cleaning.

The two main services for improved quality of air and environment at your work place is commercial air duct cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning. We specialzie in both as we have offered the services for over a decade. Now we have commercial air duct cleaning accounts for routine air duct cleaning together with carpet cleaning in Orange County. 

If your employees also have been complaining about allergies in the work place. Moreover, if you own or manage a restaurant and your customers are complaining about the poor quality of air, its time for commercial air duct cleaning. 

Please consults Dr. Duct Cleaning for more details about our commercial air duct cleaning service.

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