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Dryer Duct Cleaning in

Newport Beach, CA.

What is dryer duct cleaning ?

The duct is what connects the air vent with

a generator and a place for the air to escape.

Therefore, dryer vent cleaning and dryer

duct cleaning is a similar service. However,

in this dryer duct cleaning service we performed

in Newport Beach, CA, the customer told us he had

searched for a "dryer duct cleaning in Newport Beach, CA".

Therefore, we decided to use this form of search method in

order to reach a potential customer looking for a imilar service

in the area. 

Same day dryer duct cleaning in Newport Beach, CA.

Apparantly in these raining days we are currently experiencing in Orange County, it is not so simple to find an immediate service that would get out there to resolve a clogged dryer duct or dryer vent. So, we make an effort to reach out to you searching for a reputable dryer duct cleaning service in Newport Beach, CA. 

Being able to resolve all dryer duct cleaning scenarios does take years of experience. The more siutations we have come across over the years, help us approach each case with much more in depth knowledge. 

So, what can you expect from our same day dryer duct cleaning in Newport Beach, CA? Well, simply what you are looking for. A true expert that would arrive on same day service call to clear up your dryer duct with minimal damage to the existing exhaust and vent that is already in place.

This dryer duct cleaning in Newport Beach, CA.

This dryer duct cleaning service we were called to in Newport Beach, CA, was a special one. The washer and dryer were placed in an odd location to be able to simply connect the vent to the outside. Therefore, the vent has more than one angle and a long path in order to exit outside. So, on this job we had spent roughly 3 hours going in from both ends of the duct. Also, the exit of the dryer duct was high on the second floor which made it much more complicated and risky.

For more inforation about our same day dryer duct cleaning in Newport Beach, CA, please contact Dr. Duct Cleaning.

Dryer duct cleaning location in Newport Beach, CA.

dryer duct cleaning in newport beach ca
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