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Dryer Vent Cleaning in

Orange, California.

Same Day Dryer Vent Cleaning

in Orange, California.

This past Friday we were called for a same

day dryer vent cleaing in Orange, California.

The customers had just closed on this beautiful

new home in Orange, California, and discovered

the dryer is not working properly. Luckily, they


were moving from a neighborhood 5 minutes away only.

However, they wanted to get the dryer vent cleaned

before the weekend so they can start the loads of laundry

in the new home and not have to commute.

Therefore, we arrived to the job at about 2:30pm and

worked on this dryer vent for about 2 hours.

Thaknfully the garage was fairly clear and we could easily reach every corner and angle of this dryer vent. So we gave hem a thorough dryer cleaning that would last for many years to come.

Move In Dryer Vent Cleaning in Orange, California.

We had noticed over the years that a move in dryer vent cleaning is a service at high demand. An it also make complete sense. Once you move in to a new home you have inspection to the home and also you pay attention to all the small details. The reason is that you want to feel as if you are moving to a 100% functional home. It is never a great exeperience to be after a long move and discover a variety of things not working properly. 

Also, if you find many errors before the move you can probably get the previous owner to cover moist of them for you, just like this dryer vent cleaning we did in Orange, California.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Orange, California, Lead To Carpet Cleaning.

The customer that has called us for the dryer vent cleaning in Orange, did not even consider to get the carpets cleaned as they were dirty. Under the pressure of moving with two kids, they must have overlooked it. That is the great benefit of Dr. Duct Cleaning. We are able to offer a variety of services including carpet cleaning. And by that make it much easier for you to focus on one less chore in your life.

For more information about our dryer vent cleaning in Orange, California, please contact Dr. Duct Cleaning.

The approximate location of our last dryer vent cleaning in Orange, California.


dryer vent cleaning in Orange California
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