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Complete Air Duct Cleaning

in Newport Beach, CA.

Air duct cleaning in Newport Beach,

CA, after a home remodeling project.

We were called for a thorough cleaning on a

townhome in Newport Beach, CA, right by

Corona Del Mar high school. This air duct

cleaning in Newport Beach, was among the

toughest jobs. It took us over 4 hours. New

home owners that had just moved in this beautiful

beighborhood in Newport Beach from Europ.

Of course they really went the extra mile with the

renovation on the home, however, the house

was filled with dust. Therefore, we were called to

the scene in order to help eliminating the layers of

dust on the couch and the air duct system entirely. 

First, we had our upholstery cleaning crew deep cleaning the white canvas sofa. Due to the fact that the whole house was now wood floors, we had no carpet to clean. So, we moved forward to clean the entire HVAC Unit system and air ducts. It took us over 4 hours to complete the task of the air duct cleaning as we kept pulling out more dust from the vents. In addition, cleaning the HVAC Unit also took quite some time, however, our team was working simultanously on the project in order to finish it all in one day.

Breathing clean air after air duct cleaning in Newport Beach.

After a complete remodel at home a deep air duct cleaning is a must. The reason is that you have multipe the amount of dust and dirt in your home as you would normally. Therefore, large amounts would penetrate your filter and enter in to the main air system.

Painting the walls, smoothing them, installing wood floors etc, all of these would cause excess amounts of dust in your home and will make it much mor edifficult for your Intake to handle. Therefore, you will suffer from bad quality air every time you would turn on the main air system.

For a thorough air duct cleaning in Newport Beach, CA, please contact Dr. Duct Cleaning.

The neighborhood we performed the air duct cleaning in Newport Beach.

air duct cleanig in newport beach ca
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