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Complete Air Duct Cleaning

In Irvine.

Carpet Cleaning & Complete Air Duct

Cleaning in Irvine.


A couple of days ago we got a call for same day service.

The service needed immediately was pet stains removal

from a carpet. The customers has a cat that pooped in

several rooms in the hours. At first she tried to clean it

herself. However, very quickly she realized that she can

not handle the mess. So, she looked for the most

recommended carpet cleaning service in the area,

and found us. 


Moreover, she then mentioned to us that she also want

to get the air ducts cleaned as well. She had moved into

the house with her family about 5 years ago and she said that ever since the air ducts were not cleaned. Therefore, we said that first we must get out there ASAP in order to resolve the pet stain incident. And then we told the customer that we will inspect the air ducts and main return in order to better understand what the job will entail.


Dirty HVAC calls for complete air duct cleaning in Irvine.

Once we had inspected the HVAC system throughout we realized it was not cleaned in a long time. The intakes (main return) had built up dust on it for a long time. The dust was so sticky and stubborn that we understood we are facing complete air duct cleaning in Irvine.

Complete air duct cleaning in Irvine means the full process of air duct cleaning. We would need to gently agitate all parts of the duct system and the hvac. In addition, the customer had mentioned that on one of the rooms the air is not blowing as well. Therefore, we had to look for the reason of blockage there.

In the attached photo of this article you may be able to notice the built up dust in the upstairs air intake. 

Also, the customer then said that we should examine the dryer vent as well. It appears that the dryer vent was shooting loads of lint every time the dryer was turned on. And we want to emphasize, this is a more recent construction in Turtle Rock, Irvine.

Therefore, when you are also noticing built up dust, or extra lint shooting out of your dryer, it is time to clean it. Contact Dr. Duct Cleaning for more information about our complete air duct cleaning in Irvine, California.

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