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Dryer Vent Cleaning.

Years of dryer vent cleaning experience.

Dryer vent cleaning takes years of experience and

countless hours on the field. The main reason for that is

the every dryer vent cleaning has its own story.

Meaning, when we arrive to your home, we can not

anticiapte the cause for blockage. 

Over the years we came across dryer vents that are

underground and clogged by many gallons of water.

Also, we have dealt with dryer vent cleaning where the

vent is not straight and has angles. Therefore, a certain tactice needs to be implemented in order not to cause any damage to your dryer vent.

In some cases we even found broken equipement from prior attempts to clean the dryer vent. In addition, the equipment that broke inside your dryer vent then rapidly accumulates lint and dust from your dryer. 

Therefore, we strongly recommend to use a true professional with the right experience for the job. 

Same day dryer vent cleaning.

This prhaps is the most important fact about our dryer vent cleaning. For many years we have offered an emergency same day dryer vent cleaning service. Now, you may ask why is that an emergency service? Well, for many homes with an active family, the clothes dryer is a vital factor of their lives. Also, if the dryer vent is clogged and not letting out air, it could become a fire hazzard. 

Therefore, in order to help you get back to your routine we offer same day dryer vent cleaning service. If you also just discovered that your dryer vent needs a cleaning as hot air is not coming out, contact us.

For more information and availability about our dryer vent cleaning, please contact Dr. Duct Cleaning.

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